when you don’t think you can do it

See, here’s my thing:  when I did drink coffee it was always the boldest, darkest roast out there.  It had MEGA flavor.  Rich and aromatic and sooooooo delicious.  Every single tea I’ve tried has very little flavor.  Even the ones that are supposed to be “very flavorful.” The dry tea smells lovely but once it’s brewed, it doesn’t taste anywhere NEAR as strong as it smelled.  Gimme FLAVOR.  Bold, serious taste.  Tea is like barely-flavored water – like, weaker than the weakest, wateriest coffee on the planet.  THAT is the problem I have with it.  I don’t know, you guys. But I’m not giving up yet.

Yesterday on my way back to Mom’s from the doc I stopped at a tea shop called Serene Teaz in downtown Wheaton.  Adorable store.

There was an actual tea bar and tables where you could sit and drink.  “Can I help you figure out what you’d like?” The woman there was fantastic.  I told her “I’m here because I need to find something to replace coffee.  I hate tea.”  She chuckled and then showed me the decaf tea section.

I sampled some fruity-spicy kinds and finally tried a little bit of vanilla chicory.  She shared that during war time a lot of coffee had to be made with chicory because there was a coffee bean shortage.  Okay, sold.  Also grabbed a tea ball so it’s easy to brew one cup at a time.

I’m drinking the vanilla chicory as I type this and it’s okay.  Again, not nearly as robust and flavorful as coffee.  But tea just isn’t…bold.  Tea is gentle and quaint and mild.  Ugh.  Haha!

Last night I even did a google images search to find photos that might make me a little more excited about tea.

Didn’t work all that well (not even a kitten in a tea cup) but….the pursuit continues…. If you’re a tea drinker would you be so kind as to comment and tell me how you came to enjoy it?  Was it an acquired taste?  I’d love to know how you came to like tea.

Ooh, and guess what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday?

It looks good, it smells good, it even feels good in my hands.  Ebooks are bomb diggity but sometimes reading a paper book is a distinct joy in itself.  Super excited to start this one and to start the online study in a couple weeks!   Are you reading it??

Before I get too much further, I should tell you about yesterday’s doc visit.  I met mostly with Dr. I (the brain doc) for an update, a few tests to check my balance, coordination, etc, and some exercises.  All went well and for some reason today I feel really good!  We haven’t even started SIBO treatment or done the liver detox yet but I am starting to feel major improvements in my tummy!  BIG improvements!!  It must be from what we’ve been doing so far – the brain exercises, the supplements, and the diet.  These doctors are such a gift from God.  The whole staff there is exceptional.  I look forward to going because of the cool people I get to hang out with!

Yesterday morning as I drank my protein shake before before my appointment, my dad asked which doctor I’d be seeing and what I’d be doing.  I told him about one of the things they have me do where I lay on my belly on a chiropractor table and they put four electrodes on my butt and hook them up to a machine that makes them vibrate.  “I have no idea what that does, but evidently it’s something good for my tummy,” I told Dad.  He stuck his pointer finger high in the air and announced, “I’ve GOT it.  It makes perfect sense to me!”  His nostrils were flared, which is a dead giveaway that he’s gonna say something completely ridiculous.  “Most of the time they put electrodes on people’s heads.  But not you, because they’ve figured out that your brain is in your butt!”

Then he started saying something about this being a rare phenomenon and at that point I laughed so hard I sprayed chocolate protein shake all over the kitchen table.  I believe it came out of my mouth and my nose.  When I got to the doc I shared that little anecdote with the nurse and after she finished laughing, she showed me what the butt-electrode dealio is all about.  At the bottom of the spine is a pelvic nerve that is connected to the colon and small intestine.  The butt electrodes stimulate that nerve to help digestion.  COOL, right?!

So fast forward to this morning.  We had to bring the old jalopy (i.e. the Durango) in for an emissions test and on our way home we stopped at a farm stand and grabbed a basketful of yummy fruits and veggies.  Love getting them from a farm stand rather than the grocery store when the opportunity presents itself.  Soon I want to get a few pumpkins and some mums for outside the front door!
Can I just say – avocados.  Might just be the world’s most perfect food.

Then I baked.  Again.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Again.  Because last time they were SO good.  I love what Scott said when I complained to him that a double batch only makes twenty cookies and that I now spend a good majority of my time in the kitchen making things for this diet.  “This is your job right now,” he said.  “Think of it as your job – what you have to do in order to get healthy again.  It’s so worth it.”  Truth!  What a blessing that I don’t have an actual outside-the-home job so that I have the time to jump into this treatment and this diet with both feet.  I want a part time job someday in the not-too-far future but not just yet.  Truly, through this healing journey, blessings abound.

Back to the pumpkin cookies. Here are some pics of the process.  Pure, real-food ingredients only (oh cassava flour, how I love thee) and very very little sugar.  Most of the sugar is from medjool dates.  And you have to use “sustainable palm shortening.”  But don’t freak out.  I found palm shortening at my normal grocery store!  ….Yes, the ingredients are wonky at first but I’ve got them all in my kitchen now and I’m getting very used to them.  And am growing to love them because of how good they’re being to my body!

Dry ingredients first.

Then wet ingredients.

Process into dough and that is IT!  At least most of these recipes are pretty easy!

I may or may not have set some parchment paper on fire.

Guess what?  My tea cup is almost empty.

Thanks for reading.  Please share my blog with anyone you know who struggles with autoimmune issues, chronic pain, and/or gut agony.  For the first time in TWENTY YEARS I know that my body is healing.  And friends, it feels gosh darn AMAZING.









One thought on “when you don’t think you can do it

  1. YAY! Such good news! Love that your journey is so positive. As for the tea, I used to dislike it too because all I knew was Lipton (yuch). Then came herbal teas and, like you, I thought they were just ok. When I was sick, they tasted a little better because they were soothing. Now that I am drinking tea more often, I like it better and better. So for me it is an acquired taste that is still growing on me. I especially enjoy drinking tea with meals and desserts. My favorite stand-by right now is Lady Earl Grey. Thank you for the book recommendation – I will look for it.


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