do you have a person?



Cristina and Meredith.  So different in so many ways.  But they’re each other’s person.  Yes, it’s a show.   A show that I love.  But some of us have “a person” in real life.  The term is cooler than “best friend,” in my opinion.  Maybe the two terms don’t even really mean the same thing.




There are a lot of questions that swirl around my mind when I think about it.  If you’re married, should your spouse be your person?  Does your person have to be someone you see in person almost daily, or can he or she be someone that lives miles away that you talk to on the phone or text regularly?  How do you find your person – does it happen naturally or do you seek until you find him or her?   And if you seek, how long does it take to get to know each other well enough to be each other’s person?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, I’m sure.

I had a person when I was a kid, all the way up until college.  We were basically attached at the hip.  Then during college my roommate became my person.  It’s just how it went back then.  Now I’m an adult with a family and for several years now I have missed having a person.  I love my husband to the moon and back.  You know how it is, though….a spouse isn’t always “person” material.  Surely the poor man gets tired of my emotional rants and raves and hearing every detail of everything I want to tell him.  Oh, the details.  I am such a details person.

Right here, I want to say that I believe everybody has a God-shaped hole in their hearts.  Friends, I do so much to fill my God-shaped hole.  I can’t imagine it being any fuller.  He and I talk all day, every day.  When I wake up and before I go to sleep.  I also believe that one of the greatest blessings He gives us is flesh-and-blood friendship.




Holding you together when you think you’re going to fall apart.  Being there when loneliness and isolation attack you like a seething monster.  Telling you the truth about whether or not you can pull off the shoes with the pants.  That’s what “a person” does.  It’s a big spot to fill.  Really big.




You person has to be all in.  Your person has to know you – your quirks, your facial expressions, your beliefs, your dreams, your heart.   And you have to know theirs.

And when you and your person are both all in, it is a beautiful thing.

I’m still praying for God to fill my person-shaped hole.  (Forgive me.  That doesn’t sound good.  You know what I mean!)

What do you think about this?  Do you have a person?  I’d love to hear!









3 thoughts on “do you have a person?

  1. Thankfully, my husband is my person. It makes such a difference when you encounter heath issues. I get into details to and I think God made him just for me. I always said I wanted someone flat slap happy in love with me. 💟💟💟


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