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Just write like you talk – that’s your true voice.     – Susan Branch

This blog is my diary.  I hope you have a diary or a journal.  I have 19 of them, starting back when I was nine.  They are a treasure. Thank you for being a part of my diary.  Also, a shameless plug for Susan Branch.  If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a watercolor artist who has written several wonderful books.  Her blog is amazing and I have loved her for years.  And guess what?  I FINALLY get to meet her on May 10!!!  She’s doing a book signing at a ladies’ tea about an hour from me.  Cannot wait to hug her neck!

You might be wondering what joy bombs are.  Just this morning I started an online Bible study with the Womens’ Bible Cafe on Facebook.



Hadn’t heard of this book until last week and it’s looking really, really good so far.  Here’s what the discussions look like on the Womens’ Bible Cafe Facebook page.



Pretty cool, eh?  With an all-over-the-place “schedule” and unpredictable health, the convenience of an online study is invaluable.  And I do need more joy in my life.  The real kind.  Jesus joy!  Gonna be noticing joy bombs left and right, baby!


As the book says in the above photo, One of the ways we know God is here is that He tosses joy bombs at as us all day, every day…. What are the joy bombs God is tossing at you?  What are those moments where God is illuminating your sky? Those places where you hear an unexpected pop and turn to see a sizzling, sparkling bouquet above?  Who are the people God has dropped in your life who have exploded your depression, obliterated your cynicism….?  

Writing down daily joy bombs is gonna rock.  I challenge you to do it along with me!  Write down three joy bombs each day.  After all,

 The anecdote to fear and anxiety is thankfulness.   -Me!


It’s true!  TRY IT!  You can come beat me up if it doesn’t work.  It does.  It DOES!  Even in the midst of disappointments and trials.

I was bitterly disappointed today.  Nothing earth-shattering at all, but still disappointing when you’re a Pioneer Woman fangirl.  Since her new kitchen textiles line wasn’t displayed yet last week, I dragged my hubby with me to Walmart today to do some grocery shopping because surely everything would be out in the PW aisle by now, right?


I asked two different employees.  One of them once again looked at me like I had purple horns growing out of the top of my head and the other one went to ask the manager.  She came back to report, “Not yet.”  Two little words completely burst my delicate fangirl bubble.  Not sure what’s up with my local Walmart but they need to get their PW stuff OUT IN THE AISLE already!

But wait – there’s more!  Yesterday on Ree’s website she posted yet another new product:  knives.  Not just any knives.  CUTE, porcelain ones.


Hi, I’m Wendy and I have to have the flowered ones.  Like, stat.

Did Walmart have them?  Nooooo, why would they?  I’m boycotting my Walmart.  Out of curiosity, I called the next closest location and asked if they have her kitchen textile line and they DO.  Betcha they have the knives, too, dagnabit.

Things looked better when we got home.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway  I spotted a package outside the front door (that, thankfully, hadn’t blown two states over on account o’the redonk wind out there today).  “OOOOH,” I squealed to Scott.  “That has to be my Ree dish towels!”

It was!  Lookie!



They’re very soft and, as you can see, very bright and colorful.  I *heart* them.

I have one more thing that I am super excited to share with you.  Last night during my usual Facebook scrolling, a video popped up that may have changed life as I know it. In the video a woman (I’m thinking she might actually be an angel sent from on high) shows how to make your coffee – any coffee that you love – non-acidic.  Friends, that’s huge.  Coffee is very acidic and for many of us, that can cause tummy yuckies.  For someone like me who already has more than enough tummy issues but cherishes her morning cuppa, this is my-world’s-been-turned-upside-down-in-a-GOOD-way AWESOME.

The trick could not be simpler.

Stir a pinch of baking soda into your coffee. 

You can thank me later.

NO joke.  In the video she tested her coffee with pH strips that measure acidity.  Before the baking soda the coffee was about as acidic as a food or beverage can be.  After the pinch of soda, it was on the alkaline side.  (Alkaline is the opposite of acidic.)  Hey, if we can fully enjoy a cup of coffee without having to await the inevitable acid-y throat and stomach feeling, I am DOWN!  I tried it this morning and it absolutely helped!  I’m even gonna keep a baggie of baking soda in my purse because Starbucks.



I must now bid you adieu.  Because this came today too….



….and it’s time write down my joy bombs!

Talk to me:  Tell me two joy bombs from your day so far!




4 thoughts on “joy bombs

  1. You’ve got such a unique way with your words ~~~ I love it! You know what? I know you are all excited about meeting Susan Branch, but dontcha know SHE is the lucky one getting to meet YOU!
    I think I’m in lurve with those PW towels ~~~ swoon ~~~


  2. First joy bomb of the day was waking up. Simple. Basic. And I’m so so thankful that I did! I’m going to keep my eye out for the other two throughout the day and I’ll definitely be sure to write them down in my journal tonight.

    Also, re: baking soda in coffee. When I lived in New Orleans, my very Southern-Belle housemate told me the secret to perfect Southern sweet tea is to put a pinch of baking soda in it, for the same reasons as you gave for putting it in coffee–it lessens the acidic bite.


  3. OH goodness..YOU are one of my joybombs..I didn’t think it possible anyone could LOVE Ree or P-Dub as much as this healthy I wonder..YES it must be..because for one thing, it keeps us in the kitchen cooking, and being HAPPY about it..until WALMART doesn’t have the goods..but good things and GOODS come to those who wait..but the other God put us in the vicinity of each wild is that? I mean we were reading the blog, and I said something like “am I here?” LOL..still scratching my head over that one.

    JOYBOMB #2 I have people in my life that care about me in spite of my crazy and temporary life circumstances

    JOYBOMB #3 My kids..they are amazing people..and I thank GOd for them everyday!

    I am not experiencing anything really awesome right now, it is an off day BUT I will practice the daily 3..and see what happens. Another wonderful blog my dear..I just love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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