brunch and ice cream and lights

Happy Monday ~ hoping you had a good weekend!

Mine was pretty busy and full of a lot of belly laughs.  Especially yesterday.  I’ll start with Saturday, though.

My friend, Vicki, had a brunch.  She lives right around the bend in my neighborhood so I headed over on foot.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and who can’t use a few extra steps on their FitBit?  (Note:  I don’t have a FitBit but it sounded good.).


On the menu:  Wild orange French toast, quinoa basil hash browns, and eggs with spinach, tomato and oregano.  It was all amaaaaazballs.  One of Vicki’s friends led a small class on essential oils, which was extremely interesting because I keep hearing about oils but didn’t really know how to use them and what exactly all the different ones are for.


One of the best parts of the brunch – besides hugging Vicki’s neck – was loving on Yoda and Obie.




Yesterday the rain didn’t stop.



But it was a great day because we celebrated my hubby’s birthday (which is today) with my mom, dad, sister and bro-in-law.  They came over around 2:00 and we chatted in the family room with the [fake-but-offers-lovely-ambience] fireplace “roaring” and watched a movie.

Then we headed off to dinner at Olando’s, a 50’s-style diner that has delicious food and redonk ice cream sundaes.




When the seven of us are together there is always a LOT of laughter.  The kind that makes tears stream down our faces and makes your ab muscles ache.  The BEST kind of laughter!  If you know me at all, you know that my sense of humor is pretty whackadoo.  Sometimes it’s so blunt that it leaves people speechless.  At any rate, here’s a big clue as to where I got it from:


My dad is nuts – in a good way!  He’s been off his rocker literally since I can remember.  I have him to thank for a childhood that included a LOT of laughter.  If you get him watching a good comedy like “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” or “Christmas Vacation” you will have the distinct and unadulterated joy of hearing him laugh like a little girl.  And then everybody in the room laughs uproariously simply from hearing him laugh.

I had a house salad and a baked potato with butter and sour cream.  Perfect.  Dessert, though, was a little bit decadent.



Disclaimer:  hubby and I shared it.  But still, right…?!  This, my friends, was chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, birthday cake ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream.  Felt kinda like a belly bomb when we were done but it was worth it.  Just once in a blue moon.

When we got home I got into my cozies and watched some more “Downton.”  Bad news on the Downton front:  our free one-month Amazon Prime trial has expired and I am only on season three.  *insert very sad face here*  What am I to DO???   I am fully addicted.  Must figure something out.  For those of you who love Downton, have you noticed the beautiful lighting in that gorgeous place?  I say “place” because what it it?  A home?  A castle?  A manor?  It’s all of them, really.  Last night I took some screen shots of some scenes that had pretty lighting in them.  There are fireplaces in most every room, even the hired hands’ dining room.  Every bedroom has a fireplace in it.  Oh I dream of a bedroom with a wood-burning fireplace in it.


And the main dining room is always scattered with abundant white taper candles in beautiful candelabras.



Then there are all the different styles of lamps and sconces throughout the…. place.


And, of course, natural daylight streaming in through the windows.  (This isn’t Downton.  It’s somebody’s house.)



I just LOVE lights.  Candle light, firelight, lamplight, twinkle lights.  Everything except overhead lights.  I like them warm and soft.  On Saturday I watched the season two finale and this finally happened!




Mary and Matthew.  Finally!  So right together!

Well, it’s about that time.  Must go.  Thank you for reading my little blog and please don’t be shy about commenting ~ and please share my blog link on your Facebook wall!

Talk to me:  Does your family laugh a lot?  What makes you laugh the tears-streaming-down-and-aching-abs kind of laugh?





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