a biscuit a day…


Birds have been literally peeking in the window and darting back and forth right outside our front door.  I’m not sure who’s more fascinated – the kitties or me.  This morning they were at it so I went out there to investigate but came up empty.  Our town homes have a lot of eaves and nooks and crannies that the birds occasionally find ideal for their nest building.  I’m so hoping that something is astir out there because oh my GOODNESS, how amazing it would be to watch a birdie family grow this spring!  Yesterday one of them somehow perched himself on the outside of the small window above the front door and peered right in at me.

Warmer temps are here (at least for now) and I took advantage of it yesterday afternoon with a walk around the ‘hood – but not without my good camera!  Signs of almost-spring are here but drear winter has not departed completely just yet.


A female woodpecker made a brief appearance, as well as three birds swaying on high, still-bare branches.  I saw many nests and many robins.  Ah, robins.  Their cheerful hopping and pretty songs are definitely sure signs of spring!




But the vegetation surrounding the pond shows no signs of new growth yet…. And some trees still have last autumn’s dry, lifeless leaves clinging relentlessly to their branches.  Shriveled berries are still hanging on, too.  (Aren’t they cute even though they’re shriveled?!)

I find it interesting to see random things hanging from tree branches.  Last summer there were hair bands, old underpants (not even kidding) and Christmas ornaments.  Yesterday this little ribbon adorned a branch.


Who put it there, when and why?  Does it have meaning for the person who tied it there?

Then there was this.


That’s looking straight up at the bottom of the inside of an evacuated hornet’s nest!

….So it is coming, y’all.  Spring.  I have two favorite things about spring:

~*~*~*~*~*~*~      Birds and thunderstorms!     ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Despite the warm, bright promise of spring I still snuggle up with my blankie….


….and bake.



Biscuits are so easy to make.  To keep buzzing along with my uber healthy eating, I opted for whole wheat ones today.


Cold butter, pastry blender, floured counter…. Ah, the beauties of baking!


A baking tip (especially for food bloggers):  Try not to drop the measuring cup of milk while you try desperately not to drop your beloved phone while attempting to take a photo of said milk being poured ever so gracefully into the mixing bowl.


Leave the milk, keep the phone.  Priorities.


They turned out beautifully and my taste test was successful.



Any season is a good season for homemade biscuits!  We had them tonight with a veggie frittata.  I like mine with butter.  Scott likes his with butter and honey.  In a movie called “Walking Across Egypt” (one of my all-time favorites), there’s a scene where a kid is eating homemade biscuits at Mattie Rigby’s house and she shows him how to eat them her way – by poking a finger down into the middle of the biscuit, then spooning jam into the hole.  I have yet to try that.  But it reminds of a jelly filled doughnut so HI!

My Pioneer Woman dish towels and table runner didn’t come today.  Maybe tomorrow!

Talk to me:  Do you make homemade biscuits?  What’s your favorite way to eat them?






2 thoughts on “a biscuit a day…

  1. Gosh..biscuits with gravy OR a mix of butter, honey and cinnamon..all day long.and now that strawberries are reasonably priced I love making shortcake biscuits…ah, so many good things in life ya know?


  2. I’ve never made biscuits but I do make savoury scones which are very similar. I love whole wheat ones with Cheddar cheese topping.
    Enjoyed our little trip around your neighbourhood.

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