a simple day in my simple life



This is my current view.  It’s almost 60 degrees so after Liss, Madison and I got back from grocery shopping I whipped open the back door and lots of windows.  There is nothing like fresh air!  The trees and bushes haven’t started budding yet but I have a hunch it won’t be long.  By the way, they thought they’d “help” sort the veggies.  They….didn’t help.  But I loved their company!



And then there’s this:



Her kitty tower is right next to my desk and what a perfect spot for a kitty – open window, great view of the great outdoors, lots of birds and critters.  ‘Course she did eventually turn around and actually face the window.  🙂

I love my desk.



Currently I am composing this blog post on this:




It’s an iPad Pro and it’s huge and I keep running my finger along the desk in front of the keyboard because I’m not used to having to use a touch screen when blogging.  If my husband were here he’d be getting a big kick out of it.  I’m getting used to it little by little.

And now – dulce de leche coffee.  Remember?

I looked in the “international foods” aisle for several minutes because I was waiting for a can of dulce de leche to pop out at me.  Fiiiinally I spotted this:




I think I squealed but I don’t quite remember.  I mean, a squeezable bottle!

Saturday morning all three of us had one.  I’m not ashamed to tell you that I pretended for just a few seconds to be Ree (while I was stirring the caramel into the coffee).  Humor me.



Even shaved some dark chocolate on top of the whipped cream. Hey, if you’re gonna do something, do it all the way, right?  It was divine.  And ridiculously easy.  It is not an every day kind of thing, though.  Just an occasional treat.  Because I am ashamed to tell you how much sugar is in dulce de leche.  Obviously.  You really should try it, and if you do please let me know how much you love it.

So I have a recipe for you.  Last night I made veggie pot pie and it was super-yum.  Another thing I don’t use often at all is puff pastry.  However, there is much to be said for buying a small rectangular box that contains two frozen puff pastry sheets that you simply set out to thaw and use for whatever you need the buttery, flaky beautifulness for.


First you make the sauce.  Just so you know, you can buy creamy potato leek soup in a box. It’s organic, very handy, and you end up with leftover soup that you can have for lunch the next day (which is exactly what I’m about to do, with fresh spinach mixed in!)





Then the veggies go in.  This recipe calls frozen mixed veggies and that’s actually a nice break when you’re used to washing and chopping fresh veggies most of the time.  I’ve heard that frozen veggies have as much or more nutrition than fresh ones because they’re frozen at their peak freshness.  So yay!


For good measure, I added in a bit of frozen quinoa and kale as well.  It was a very good addition!

Then, veggies into a pie plate and cover it with the puff pastry sheet.  And voila!   Would ya look at that perfectly browned pastry?


Who says pot pie has to have chicken in it?

Ree would say “nobody.”  Yesterday I watched a “Pioneer Woman” episode that featured meatless meals.  Two of them looked amazeballs and two looked icky.




The roasted vegetable panzanella – amazeballs.  I cannot wait to make it.  The other yumtastic one was tofu lettuce wraps.  Not crazy about tofu but it’s tolerable.  The Green Peapod, our favorite Thai restaurant in town, makes spring rolls that contain small chunks of tofu and it’s fantastic.  And tofu absorbs whatever flavors are around it so there’s that.  Honestly, she had me at “top with avocado.”




And I LOVE how she takes food photos and blogs.   She has GOT to be my sista from another mista.


My soup’s getting cold.  Better go.

Thank you SO much reading.  Cannot even tell you how much I love sharing my simple life with you!  Now tell me:  What’s your favorite cooking show?  Why?

I did it again.  Swiped my finger on the desk.  I’ll learn.


4 thoughts on “a simple day in my simple life

      1. UM… I am starting to get what Ree calls a HINEY TINGLE…did YOU mention the Green Pea POD..IN TOWN? I am so gonna freak out here..I am going for a short drive..then I am gonna come back and see if I can link you to something…because I think we are neighbors..wouldn’t that be the strangest thing in the world?


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