Have you had zoodles?  OMG.

Quite awhile ago my mom gave me a Veggetti.


I LOVE making zoodles with this little guy!  I can’t think of a better way to get extra veggies into a meal.  So far zucchini is the only veggie I’ve used with it.  Not sure if it could handle harder ones like potatoes or beets.  There are fancier, heftier versions of veggie noodle makers.

Maybe someday I’ll get this fancy shmancy Williams Sonoma one.  I’ve put it on my wish list.  Because OH the possibilities for someone who loooooves veggies!  🙂

Last night’s dinner was amazeballs.

Started with the zoodles, then topped them with broccoli, diced chicken breast, organic pasta sauce and a little bit of shredded mozzarella.  Even Alyssa, aka Picky McHateszucchini, loved it!  Fresh berries on the side.  One hint:  make sure you don’t boil your zoodles because you will end up with mush. Heat them for about a minute in the microwave.

You know I have to squeeze something about Ree in here, right?  Oh, how I wish she was my next door neighbor.  There is a wonderful phone app called Watch Food Network and last night I discovered that there are tons of “Pioneer Woman” episodes on it.  Do you know what that means?  That, my friends, means that you can watch Food Network shows IN BED.  Can I get a fist pump?!

So let me set the scene.  I’m cozy in bed, heated mattress pad on, the only light in the room being from the spiced pear candle.  My phone is propped on a fluffy brown pillow and I’m watching Ree make overnight oatmeal, sesame noodles, green beans with lemon, and WAIT, what?  Dulce de leche coffee?  Slap your grandma.  She was making dulce de leche coffee.  


She brewed some coffee and poured some in a mug (one of her adorable signature mugs, of course), then opened a can of dulce de leche and spooned some of that creamy caramely goodness into the coffee.

She stirred it til the dulce de leche melted and the coffee turned a rich golden brown.  OMG.  Are ya with me here?

She then added some Jack Daniels, which I would omit.  Whipped cream on top, fo SHO.


Then she grated chocolate over the whipped cream and boom!  Dulce de leche coffee!

You could grate or sprinkle anything on top.  My personal favorite is chocolate sprinkles.

Can you even stand it?

It’s time for me to get my keester in gear so I can make a grocery store run, because before last night I did not know that creamy caramel came in a CAN!  I am SO making these tomorrow morning to have with breakfast – and you should too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chat with me:  Are you a coffee drinker?  What’s your favorite way to drink it?  Straight up or froofroo (aka dessert-in-a-cup-that-has-a-slight-coffee-flavor-to-it)?


5 thoughts on “zoodles

  1. Yup, use my veggi noodle gadget a lot. Yellow squash is also a good replacement for pasta. Wen, where have you been that you did not know about Dulce de leche in the can? Did you know that if you cook sweetened condensed milk long enough it becomes caramel-y? Yes, that’s a word, lol. So that’s why you find it right next to the condensed milk in the store. Oh how I wish I were there to brainstorm food stuff with you!


  2. Fist pump! Yay for finding more ways to watch Pioneer Woman! Love her shows, books, range of homeware sooooooo much. Not a huge coffee drinker, more of a British Tea Pot 🙂


  3. I was one of those noodle thingys but have never used it….but now I may just do that.

    I love coffee but usually just home brewed Community brand. Every now and then I splurge and go to PJs Coffee (local coffee shop) and order my Velvet Ice (either Vanilla or Wedding Cake flavor).

    Oh and by the way, the Proteinaholic book I requested from the library is in. Going to pick it up in a few minutes.


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