books and…tea?

Welcome again!


Grab a cup of something warm and let’s chat!

Let’s get to Pioneer Woman first.

Up until about a month ago I didn’t know much about her, other than that I loved her new line of kitchen stuff.  During a routine Walmart run I spotted an entire aisle full of vividly colored dishes, polka-dotted bowls, bright and flowery mugs… Then I saw that it was Pioneer Woman.  It was getting close to my birthday so that very day I made my birthday wish list and it consisted of exactly one thing:  a Walmart gift card.  I didn’t get a gift card but my mom and sister surprised me with the perfect selection of the stuff!



That mason jar water glass, by the way, is so wonderful. It holds 32 ounces so two of those bad boys full of water a day and you’re good!  And who wouldn’t wanna drink water out of the cutest cup ever?

Fast forward to last month.  My hubby called the cable company and we ended up getting an upgraded package, which included Food Network.

Life has not been the same since.

Liss and I watch it a LOT.  When we discovered the Pioneer Woman show you’d have thought we won something.  Something big and extremely cool.  Because she lives on a ranch and her kitchen is gawwwgeous and she stirs and chops and blends the most mouth watering foods, all while narrating with her sweet southern twang.  I can’t say that all of her recipes look fantastic (and I wouldn’t be able to eat about 85 per cent of them) but the show as a whole is just darling on a lot of levels.


And she’s a photographer and a blogger.  We should be besties.  I ordered two of her cookbooks and one of them arrived a couple days ago!

Soon I will be making the buttermilk biscuits.  If you would like to send me a heart shaped biscuit cutter that would be okay.  🙂

So that brings me to the library.  My girl has been on a reading frenzy since we took away a LOT of her video gaming/iPad time.  She recently blew through a sweet six-book series called Whatever After.  Yesterday I thought I’d better find her some new books and fast!

When we moved up here the local library was old.  Like, olllllllld.  Very outdated.  Even the lighting was dim and the atmosphere was depressing.  Whenever I walked in I felt like I was in a time warp.  And hark!  In 2010 they tore that sad old building down and built a new one.


Muuuuch better.  I’ve sat at that table before.  It’s so bright and peaceful.  Even though it’s much more modern there are cozy nooks with chairs and even a quiet reading room.

It didn’t take long to find a few books for Liss.


Um.  Perfect!

I was incredibly tempted by this one:


But I’ve just begun watching season two of “Downton Abbey” and mustn’t let myself get distracted with reading until I’m all caught up!  Oh my gosh, Downton.  I’m not gonna lie – it took me four tries to get through the very first episode.  Could not understand what all the hullabaloo was about.  But I wanted to like it.  When I quit my job I decided it was high time to get through episode one, for crying out loud.  I did.  Then I got through episode two.  By about episode four I was a groupie.  A Downton groupie.  It makes sense now. I can’t believe Miss O’Brien did what she did to Lady Crawley.  Scaaaaaandalous!  Anyway, thank goodness for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

So Black Heels to Tractor Wheels will have to wait.

Oh, and then there was the cookbook section.


There they were, all shiny and in a nice neat row, with words like “sweet” and “dessert” and “bakery” taunting me.  But I’ve got my new Ree cookbook with another on the way, and my crazy food experimentation happening so…. I checked out the four books for Liss and was on my way.  How cool are the self-checkout things at libraries?  Scan your card, plop a stack of books on the pad and sayonara!


For this food combining eating plan I’m doing it says that 70% dark chocolate can be eaten with any type of food.  So naturally on my way home I had to stop for some.

Dark chocolate and I are tight.  A little bit every day!  Also had some coffee yesterday morning and my tummy wasn’t thrilled with it.

And that brings me to tea.  Or shall I say “tea?”

I hate tea.  Very much.  It all tastes like grass clippings to me.  Even when I add honey and fresh lemon I can’t drink it.  Just cannot.  I raised the issue on Facebook the other day and received several suggestions and opinions.  Conclusion:  a lot of people love Earl Grey with milk in it.  Ran to the grocery store for a few things today and grabbed a box of Earl Grey.  Got home, pulled my teapot off the top of the cupboards (where it has sat for the last several years as a decoration), scrubbed it like a mad woman because there were roughly three inches of dust on it, and will try the tea shortly.


My hopes are not high.  But if I could learn to love Downton perhaps there is a bit of hope for tea.  I sooooo much prefer coffee.  Bold, dark coffee.  I won’t give it up.  My tummy will just have to deal once in awhile.

So what about you?  Do you like tea?  Are you a Downton groupie too?  Talk to me! 🙂




8 thoughts on “books and…tea?

  1. and I are very similar..and we both have Ree in common..and so much else it is FUNNY! Glad you encouraged me to check out your blog..Personally, I like tea, BUT I am a coffee devotee for LIFE and I started making PW’s coffee concentrate and have a large stash in my fridge at ALL times, I really want to get her little drink deal,, not gonna lie, when I get a job (pray for me) I am gonna splurge, I would LOVE a LOT of her stuff. That woman has it all together! Thing is she thinks she is a bit loony, and well, if she is loony I feel sorry for my may be insane..
    Is your blog only a couple months old? I see 2 months worth of stuff and I plan on reading it all, hey, I am reading through PW from 2006 on only stopping to keep up with the current stuff..ugh, she is great, I watched all her shows on demand here, and don’t miss a show during the day (unemployed) so between my bible in 90, and her, and now you, I am in great company!
    Your pics are NOT showing up…and bummer, I don’t know if you can fix this or if it is on my end..
    HUGS my new bloggin buddy! Have a blessed day and I promise, while I comment LONG posts, I am not a stalker, or unbalanced, well, maybe I am..see above comment.. 🙂


      1. 🙂 I am trying to figure out if you live near me..I am in Illinois and there is a place called The Green Pea Pod right nearby..wouldn’t that be the weirdest but coolest coincidence?


  2. Adore Pioneer Woman and just treated myself to The Pioneer Woman Cooks too! Love her kitchen range, but sadly not available in the UK
    Not a fan of Earl Gray here, prefer Russian Caravan, but if offered I would never put milk in Earl Gray as it spoils the delicate bergamot flavour. To each her own!


  3. I don’t care for hot tea. I prefer iced sweet tea with lemon.

    Downtown addict!

    I love the self checkout at the library – wish we had that.


  4. Never watched the show, but like Peppermint tea 🙂 It’s good for digestion and falling asleep. I wouldn’t say it’s the taste I actually love, but a hot cup of tea is just…soothing.


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